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Kim Jong-Un has “Enemy of the state” executed with flame thrower.

Communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of a senior official with a flamethrower, according to sources inside the Communist state.

The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo says that O Sang-hon was burned alive for his close ties to Kim’s uncle, Jang Song-taek, who was also executed in December after being accused of using the ministry he headed to plot a coup.

A source inside the North Korean Workers Party told the paper that Mr O was executed in such a horrific way because he had “turned the ministry into Jang’s personal protection squad.”

After his farther died, Kim Jong-il, the new leader also ordered that a defence minister be executed by mortar round after he was seen enjoying himself during the official mourning period.


It has also been reported that Jang Song-taek was executed by being fed to a pack of dogs, but it later emerged that story came from a satirical post on Chinese social networks.

Mr O is the latest of 11 senior Workers Party members to be executed so far this year. Kim Jong-un is brutally cleansing the party of anyone who was allied to his uncle, and sources say that  he has removed all of Jang’s supporters from the upper ranks, and is now moving on to local party branches.

The North Korean source said that Mr Jang’s elder sister, her husband and their son-in-law were also executed.

Mr Jang’s nephew, ambassador to Malaysia Jang Yong-chol, managed to keep his life, but was instead sent to a concentration camp.

You are a Writer, too.

Photo credit: Justin Herrick on talkandroid.com (http://www.talkandroid.com/guides/best-android-apps-for-reading-books-and-syncing-between-devices-november-2013)
"Not all stories have a happy ending."

     Life could be sad, happy, or just right. There are times that we would fall, and eventually, we will stand. Life is paradoxical, and sometimes, a bitch. Sometimes, we fuck up, sometimes we rock. That's how it is. Life itself is a series of up's and down's. Let's just enjoy living.

     From the quoted statement above, one's life is not just a story but a novel. Like a novel, life has a series of chapters. There might be a time that you are having a little love affair with someone, and you feel like it will never end, and in all of a sudden, it did end; OR you might be chasing somebody and then another person stumbled upon your way, and in the end, it will be you and him/her.

     There are just some instances in our lives, whether sweet or bitter, that will come to a conclusion, but it does not necessarily mean that your story has ended, but a chapter did. Who knows, in the next chapter, you might find that right one for you, or you might be promoted after being constantly nagged at by your boss. You cannot just say that fate is playing with your life.

     Yes, there are stories that end sadly, like those tragic stories you've read, or from the news you have watched. Such stories open a new chapter to other people's lives. One's death might make someone realize something or make someone stronger. We have to move on and turn to the next page of our novel.

     Your life messing up does not mean you will not have a happy ending. You have to go on and on, face life's every challenge, and celebrate your life. Remaining idle in a certain situation does not mean your story ends right there, the decision to turn the page is all up to you.

     Moments, like chapters or excerpts, can be read once, twice, or thrice. We can relive these in our minds just like re-reading your favorite novel.

     We still have unread chapters. It is not really important how a story ends, for me, but how you write it. There could be things that you want to delete, but you cannot. That is the difference between lives and stories that were written with paper and pen.

     Let us enjoy writing and reading our stories. Enjoy living and savor the moments that we have, whether with our loved ones or just ourselves. Some stories end happily, some don't. That's life, just live it, write more, and turn the pages of your book.

Expanding your Mind with Rebus Puzzles

Expanding your mind does not end with gaining new facts – you need to cultivate new thinking approaches that will make the information that you already know more useful. Brain teasers are the best exercises designed to stimulate cognitive function, which encourage the brain to work and complete the exercise. Brain teasers are not just for fun, these brain exercises improve creative thinking which is why teachers often use them as educational tools. Furthermore, doing brain teasers can actually help keeping the mind more fit.

Brain teasers may come in different structures. Generally, puzzles are the most common brain teasers. The puzzles may be visual or may involve numbers and word plays - in this case, a rebus puzzle. A rebus is a puzzle in which words, phrases, or sayings, are cryptically represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters.

Rebus puzzles are fun and challenging brain teasers. The word rebus comes from the Latin phrase "non verbis, sed rebus," meaning "not by words, but by things.” Basically, you must have a large collection of common words and phrases in order to solve rebus puzzles. It will be difficult to solve rebus puzzles without the general knowledge of famous quotes, sayings, literature, clich├ęs and even popular culture.

There are different ways in solving rebus puzzles. Clues are always given in terms of the positioning, colors, and sizes of the words or pictures. Most of the time these clues are employed within a single rebus puzzle.

One of the most common clue is the positioning of words and symbols relative to the picture containing the puzzle, and with the other words and symbols.

If the word of part of the word is printed with colors other than the usual color, black, the color probably is relevant to the puzzle.

The words in the puzzle may be written unusually large or small and are probably tied to the answer of the puzzle.

The direction in which a word is oriented provides clues to solve the puzzle. The direction can denote down, backward, back, behind, right and left to name a few.

The puzzle can defend on the number of times in which a word appears. This can denote the use of that number or simply that word should be plural.

Here's a collection of rebus puzzles (Click a picture to enlarge and for a slide show):

This collection will be updated every week.

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